Clear zombie virtual servers

Clear zombie virtual servers

In the end of next month (2020-01-31), we will clear some zombie virtual servers from our cloud system.

If the virtual server has following features, we will define it to be a zombie node and will be cleared in this action.

(1) The virtual server has not be signed in or activated since 2 years ago. If you didn’t sign into your account or virtual server after 2017-01-01, please sign into your account at less one time to avoid that.

(2) And there isn’t any SIP clients register to the virtual server, or there isn’t any SIP calls after 2017-01-01.

Zombie virtual servers waste our resources and are not affair to other customers, so please pay attention to this action and thanks for understanding.

2020-02-13 updated: This task is finished now. In future, we will keep clearing zombie virtual servers without notification. If your virtual server is not signed in or activated in recent 1 year, please pay attention to this.

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