Monitor events in IVR call flow

Monitor events in IVR call flow

In miniSIPServer, we can use IVR-XML script to enable our own services, such as automatic-attendant. With previous IVR-XML set, ‘callto’ action will invoke a call to destination and finish the whole IVR process.

But if we want to monitor some events in the call flow, such as we want to check ‘busy’ event and change the IVR flow to a new action, what should we do?

Now V37 is released and a key feature is updated in IVR-XML. We can use ‘monitor-events’ in ‘callto’ action to monitor some events and change the call flow if they are caused.

For example, the ‘callto’ action can be configured as below.

<action method="callto" name="mainAction">
        <monitor-event detection="busy" nextaction="callto101"/>

In this example, if the call invoked by ‘callto’ action is busy, IVR procedure will be changed to next action ‘callto101’.

Please refer to IVR-XML document for more details about “monitor-events” element.

Above zip file is an example of new ‘callto’ action. You can save and unzip it into ‘xml’ sub-directory where miniSIPServer is installed and configure a new record to test it.

Configure miniSIPServer to trigger IVR-XML
Configure miniSIPServer to trigger IVR-XML
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