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Define your own IVR service in cloud

Define your own IVR service in cloud

As we know, we can define and use our own IVR-XML file to trigger IVR service in local miniSIPServer. Now we migrate this feature into cloud-mss, that means we can do that in cloud communication in the same way.

In local-MSS, we can save IVR-XML file into local directory. In cloud-mss, something is different. For safety protection, we require customers to send IVR-XML files to our support team (support(a), our guys will upload your own IVR-XML file to your virtual server. Then, once you sign into cloud-mss, please click menu ‘Resource / IVR-XML files’ to take a look.

check IVR-XML files in cloud-mss
Cloud-MSS menu ‘IVR-XML files’

If your own IVR-XML file has been uploaded into your virtual server, you can configure how to trigger IVR service. In MSS, we can trigger IVR services according to called numbers of calls. It is very easy to configure that, please click menu ‘Services / IVR services’ to take a look.

configure detection of IVR-XML service
IVR-XML service trigger
Trigger different IVR for different incoming calls

Trigger different IVR for different incoming calls

miniSipServer is upgraded to V6.5 to support different IVR for different incoming calls.

It is very easy to configure MSS to do that, please refer to online document:

For example, if we want to trigger different IVR for another external line (such as “1234”), we can configure the “IVR services” with following record:

dial plan = default
Called number = 1234  <--This is the external line name/account
IVR-XML file name = aa2.xml <--your own IVR-XML file
V6.1 and IVR XML

V6.1 and IVR XML

MSS stable version is upgraded from V6.0 to V6.1.

In this new version, IVR-XML is supported and we can use XML to write IVR services. It is very easy and funny. We re-write auto-attendant service with IVR-XML, you can see it is very simple. The latest auto-attendant service file can be found in sub-directory ‘xml’ and file name is ‘aa.xml’.

The latest AA document is updated together, please refer to :

Most important, it is very easy to setup multi-levels menus in IVR services.

Please take a try and you will like it.