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Modification of “one number” service

Modification of “one number” service

We upgraded miniSIPServer V30 today to change “one number, multi-devices” service in local user’s configuration. In previous versions, we don’t need configure anything to enable this feature in local user since it was enabled by default. Customers think it is good idea to reduce configuraiton workload, but it brings new management problem. In fact, they hope to be able to control which local users can have this feature. In most scenarios, only some local users have several phones with same number, others are not permit to do that.

To fit this requirement, we add a new optional item in local user’s configuration. Please refer to following figure for more details. By default, this service is not enabled now until you configure it obviously.

One number service right in local user's configuration.
One number service right in local user’s configuration.

This modification is applied to cloud MSS too.

conference call in one-number service

conference call in one-number service

We have updated V22 to support a special feature: conference call in one-number service. This feature is used in a classroom scenario:

Some students will be assigned with same number (of course, one number, remember?). Teacher will ask one of them to answer questions. During this process, other guys can pick up the call to join their discussion.

In MSS, the user who want to join call can dial “*74” to do that by default.

When developing this feature, we think about previous “virtual conference room” feature. We believe this feature is too complex to use and few people like it, so we decide to cut it from V22 and abover versions. In future, we will plan to develop a new three parties conference service.

miniSIPServer V21 released!

miniSIPServer V21 released!

V21 is released today to support a new service: one number, multi-devices.

This service can enable MSS to accept several SIP phones with same local user’s number and authorization. And for incoming calls, all these phones will be ringing at the same time.

“One number” service looks like “ring group” feature. The difference is that “one number” service permits several SIP phones to share same local user profile, but “ring group” service requires SIP phones configured with different user profiles.

Please refer to following document for more details about this feature:

By the way, Cloud-MSS has been upgraded to support this feature too.

Hope you can enjoy it!