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Emergency maintenance

Emergency maintenance

Our data center has detected an issue affecting the physical host on which our cloud system resides.

During this emergency maintenance:

  • Your virtual server may not be accessible.
  • No action is required from your end at this time.
  • We don’t have an ETA on when your virtual server will be brought back to its original state.

Once data center administrators have completed the investigation, we will update this blog with how we plan to proceed from here.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

[Tue Apr 9 05:05:15 UTC 2019] updated: Everything is OK now and the service was broken for one hour this time. We will keep watching. If your SIP phones are out of services, please reboot them to take a try. If you still have problem, please update us. Thanks.

Trace on IP address

Trace on IP address

Previous miniSIPServer has a trace tool which is “trace all”. It can capture and trace all SIP calls which MSS receives or sends out. This tool is very useful when we build the VoIP network at the first step. But it is almost useless in an exist working environment.

It is dangerous to capture ALL SIP calls in a working system since there are too many SIP messages and inner information. By default, we can filter the call according to caller number or called number. In the recent V33 version, we disable “trace all” and replace it with “trace on IP address”. Please refer to following figure.

Trace on IP address
Trace on IP address

With this tool, we can capture a specific complete IP address, such as “”. We can also set a part of IP address to capture some SIP calls from some IP addresses, such as “10.0.0”, in this scenario, all SIP calls from IP addresses begin with “10.0.0” will be captured. By the way, we can also set IPv6 address with this tool.

Now you can see this tool can be used in both lab environment and working environment.