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call tag and cause

call tag and cause

Sometimes, customers want to know some details about history calls, such as who released such calls and why they were released. Because they were not real-time information, we cannot use miniSIPServer trace tool to get the results, so we update CDR function to save more informations for deep research.

In the FCI (Furnish Call/Charge Information) section, we add two parameters “callTag=” and “cause=”. Please refer to the CDR records as below.

FCI parameters
FCI parameters

“callTag=” parameter will be used to save the position where the call is released in miniSIPServer. We can know where and who release the call. For example, the call might be released because it received a BYE message from caller side, and so on. The tag value is an inner value and it will not be published to customers.

“cause=” parameter is used to save the cause value. If miniSIPServer receives 4xx or 5xx messages from the called side, and there is “Reason” header which has ’cause’ parameter, miniSIPServer will use this value to release the call,otherwise, miniSIPServer will use inner cause value. And of course, this parameter will be saved in FCI of CDR records.

An interesting feature

An interesting feature

Sometimes, we want to know the details of real-time call status, such as who is calling, how many incoming calls, and so on. In fact, miniSIPServer has a real-time CDR window which can display CDR records just finished their calls. That means the real-time CDR window only has a half real-time function, and it cannot display the details of calls which are still in calling status.

Obviously, we think we need to upgrade such windows to display more details. And here we get:

Real-time CDR window
Truly real-time CDR window

In the new window, the call which has been released or disconnected is in gray. If the call is calling, it will be in black. When the called party is ringing, it will be changed to be in blue. Once the called party answers the call, it will be red immediately.

So you can get real-time status of all concurrent calls. That’s interesting.

Of course, you need to configure miniSIPServer to display real-time CDR and what kinds of CDR should be generated. Please click menu “data / system / call detail record” and get configuration below.

CDR configuration items
CDR items

Most important, you need to configure “generate fail call CDR” and “show real-time CDR information” items. Please visit manual document for more details about other items.