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For the 4K screen

For the 4K screen

Our customers report a bug when running miniSIPPhone with a 4K screen. Please refer to the figure below.

miniSIPPhone main window
miniSIPPhone main window mixed up

When building GUI (including miniSIPPhone and miniSIPServer), we use absolute positions and lengths to assign components, so they are quite small or tight if the screen has hight resolution ratio, for example, a 4K screen.

To fix that, we change the absolute values to relative positions and lengths. Of course, both miniSIPServer (V39 build 20220823) and miniSIPPhone (V8.4) are updated.

In another way, we refine dialogs sizes and styles of miniSIPServer at the same time. It should be more comfortable now.

The most easy-to-use IP-PBX for Ubuntu/Linux

The most easy-to-use IP-PBX for Ubuntu/Linux

If you have tried miniSipServer on Windows platform, you can find it is so easy to configure or manage a IP-PBX because miniSipServer provides a perfect GUI interface.

You can find it is very easy to do that on Ubuntu/Linux because miniSipServer can support GUI interface on Ubuntu/Linux now!  WINE is unnecessary now!

Please visit our download page to download miniSipServer .deb packages according to your requirements:

After you download .deb file from our website, please click (or double-click) it to install MSS. No more actions! So easy, so funny.

After you finish your install, you will find miniSipServer at “Applications / Internet” group.

Following figure is a screenshot of MSS running on Kubuntu:

MSS main windows on Kubuntu

In another way, if you just want to run a command line sip server, you can also go to directory “/opt/sipserver” and find “msscli” which is a command-line miniSipServer and has the same core with GUI-miniSipServer.  You can manage and configure it through web interface.