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Relay video streams

Relay video streams

With previous versions, if you want to configure miniSIPServer to relay media streams, miniSIPServer will only relay audio streams and discard video streams.

It is because video streams require much more bandwidth and calculation capability. Some devices cannot support that. But more and more customers require us to refine it to relay video streams at the same time since most devices are more powerful and they have enough bandwidth.

It seems reasonable and we think we need upgrade miniSIPServer to fit such requirements.

So the latest versions (build 20210604) are released. If miniSIPServer is trying to relay media streams, it will relay audio streams and video streams together.

You don’t need change your configuration. And please pay attention to your device capability and bandwidth.

Relay media streams of SIP trunk outgoing calls

Relay media streams of SIP trunk outgoing calls

In some VoIP scenarios, we need configure “SIP trunk” to work with VoIP providers or gateways. When processing media streams, we hope (1) local users/phones should process their streams by themselves without MSS, and (2) MSS should help to relay media stream for all outgoing calls to peer SIP servers or gateways.

To fit these requirements, we update MSS V32 to be able to configure “relay media” item in “SIP trunk”. Please refer to following figure for more details.

Configure "relay media stream" item in SIP trunk outgoing call
Configure “relay media stream” item in SIP trunk outgoing call

By the way, MSS can only relay audio streams at this time, so video streams will be lost if you want to MSS to relay streams.