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Refuse some free email systems

Refuse some free email systems

Recently lots of customers reported that they didn’t receive activation emails when they signed up miniSIPServer cloud accounts. All of them are using free email systems, such as gmail, and so on.

At first we think such systems move our emails to spam boxes, but customers still cannot find them there, so we think our emails are blocked.

We completely understand that. Since lots of email are sent from our cloud system to free email systems, including activation emails, balance notification emails, and so on, some email systems detect us to be a spammer.

It confuses us and we don’t want that, so we decide that our cloud system cannot accept customers use free email addresses to sign up miniSIPServer cloud accounts. We hope our cloud system to be treated as a serious virtual VoIP system, and we hope our custmers can understand that.

I cannot find my external lines, why?

I cannot find my external lines, why?

Some customers will find that their external lines configuration were gone when they sign into their cloud-mss accounts.

What happened to their accounts?

The root reason is that these customers maybe configure wrong external lines information, such as invalid password, then cloud-mss fails to register these external lines to VoIP carriers. cloud-mss will try to register them for lots of times. In this scenario, peer VoIP carriers could treat cloud-mss as a spammer or an attacker, and they will block or filter cloud-mss messages, that could effect other cloud-mss customers.

To avoid that, if cloud-mss always fail to register an external line for lots of times, it will report this external line to background administrator system, and this external line will be deleted automatically.

That’s why you cannot find your external line information. So please double check your information or check with your VoIP providers, then try to configure them again.