“SIP over TLS” enabled in cloud system

“SIP over TLS” enabled in cloud system

We upgraded cloud miniSIPServer system for some key features. The most important feature is “SIP over TLS”.

By default, cloud system opens TCP port 6060 to accept “SIP over TLS” messages. It is used to encrypt SIP messages. This feature is available for all virtual servers without any additional fee or configurations.

Now, SIP phones can connect to cloud miniSIPServer nodes with “SIP over TLS”, but “external line” and “SIP trunk” still can only use “SIP over UDP” to work with voip providers.

This feature can only encrypt SIP messages. If you want to encrypt media streams, such as audio stream and video stream, you need enable SRTP in your SIP phones. By default, media streams are bypass and processed by SIP phones themselves, cloud miniSIPServer will not process these media streams.

Please visit online document “SIP over TLS” for more details.

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