Run as windows service

Run as windows service

Some customers often ask us how to run miniSipServer as windows service?

It is a interesting topic. After research, we think it is very reasonable to run miniSipServer as windows service. For example, the server could be reboot for some exception, so administrator hope miniSipServer can auto-start together and GUI is unnecessary once the IP-PBX has been configured successfully.

With the release of version 6.2.1, our customers can run miniSipServer as windows service now.

After install new miniSipServer, we can find a new exe file whose name is ‘msscli.exe’. It is a command line application without GUI interface. In fact, ‘msscli.exe’ has the same SIP server core with ‘mss.exe’ which is the GUI version.

In another way, we need ‘sc.exe’ command to create windows service. ‘sc.exe’ is widows own application.

We assume that miniSipServer is installed in directory ‘d:\myvoipapp\minisipserver’, then we can begin now:

To create a windows service:

sc create minisipserver binPath= "d:\myvoipapp\miniSipServer\msscli.exe" start= auto depend= tcpip

Note: the option name includes equal sign and blank space sign. We can use miniSipServer web management system to administrate MSS. Please refer to following document for details.

BTW, If run as windows service, the web management system will always start-up even without administrator password.

To start miniSipServer service:

sc start minisipserver

To stop miniSipServer service:

sc stop minisipserver

To delete miniSipServer service:

sc delete minisipserver

We need mention that you MUST stop and delete miniSipServer service firstly if you want to install or upgrade a new miniSipServer version.

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