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Ubuntu 15.04

Ubuntu 15.04

It is glad to hear that Ubuntu 15.04 is released today. We download the latest 64bit version and install it in virtualbox to test our new miniSIPServer V20 version.

We are very glad that it is no problem to run miniSIPServer V20 on this Ubuntu version. So you can enjoy it yourself if you want to try latest Ubuntu 15.04.

Of course, since 15.04 is not LTS version and is not recommanded to most customers, we suggest you to stay with LTS Ubuntu, such as 12.04 or 14.04.

miniSIPServer run on Ubuntu 15.04
miniSIPServer run on Ubuntu 15.04


This is a new bug reported in Linux platform. It is caused by invoking ‘gethostbyname’ function. We check our codes and find it is very lucky that we didn’t use this function.

So it is no problem to keep your MSS running in Linux platform. Of course, it is better to upgrade your Linux system since other applications might have this bug.

ubuntu 14.10

ubuntu 14.10

Ubuntu 14.10 is released today. We download and install it in our lab and make some test with miniSIPServer V17 (for linux).

It is no problem to run miniSIPServer on the latest Ubuntu system. Please enjoy it!

miniSIPServer can run on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 14.04

miniSIPServer can run on Ubuntu/Kubuntu 14.04

Today we download the latest Ubuntu 14.04 and install it in our lab to make some test. It is no problem to run miniSIPServer on this system. And it seem V14.04 is better than its previous version.

So if you are interesting in Linux or Ubuntu, you can try this version.

miniSIPServer & Ubuntu/Kubuntu 13.10

miniSIPServer & Ubuntu/Kubuntu 13.10

The latest Ubuntu/Kubuntu V13.10 is released. We download and install it immediately in our lab. It is no problem to run miniSIPServer on these systems. But according to our experience and test result, we dont suggest customers to upgrade systems to V13.10 because it is not stable enough for business deployment now.

So if you are running miniSIPServer on Ubuntu/Kubuntu, it is better to keep your current versions and wait for next LTS version V14.04.

How to run miniSIPServer on Ubuntu?

How to run miniSIPServer on Ubuntu?

Updated: Now you can visit online document for more details.

If you are using Ubuntu (desktop), it is very easy to run MSS. Just download .deb file from our website and double click such .deb file to install it. Then you can find MSS icon in ‘internet’ or ‘network’ menu group and run it to start MSS.

If you are using Ubuntu (server), something is different. You need do more steps to install and run MSS. We describe details below.

First, you must download .deb file from our website, for example ‘mss_v13_u20.deb’. Then, you can run following command:

sudo dpkg -i mss_v13_u20.deb

At this step, Ubuntu will prompt error that some dependencies must be installed. Don’t warry, please continue following command:

sudo apt-get -f install

Then Ubuntu will try to get and install all necessary dependencies from Ubuntu software center.

In Ubuntu server, you cannot run MSS GUI since X windows is not started. You can run MSS CLI version whose file name is ‘msscli’ and can be found in directory ‘/opt/sipserver’.

So it is very easy to start MSS now:


To visit and manage MSS system, you need visit its web system whose TCP port is 8080 by default. Please refer to following document:
V4.0 is coming ……

V4.0 is coming ……

MSS V4.0 is coming….It is a very important version for our customers. The most important feature of this version is to support Linux!

Yes! It is true! MSS V4.0 can run on Ubuntu/Kubuntu system without WINE now! MSS will be a cross-platform SIP|VOIP server.

The development work is finished and we are still working on system test. We hope to release this version in the end of this month or the beginning of next month.


Can miniSipServer run on Linux system?

Can miniSipServer run on Linux system?

2011-12-26 updated:

WINE is unnecessary for latest miniSipServer! Please visit following blog for new message:


Linux system becomes more and more popular now, and more and more customers send mail to us to ask whether miniSipServer can run on linux system, specially Ubuntu system.

As we know, miniSipServer is a SIP server designed for Windows system. Since Linux is quite different with Windows, we cannot install and run miniSipServer on Linux directly at current stage. In future, we maybe release native miniSipServer for Ubuntu. (In fact, miniSipServer V4.0 or above can run on Ubuntu without WINE, please refer to following document:

But now we can run miniSipServer on Ubuntu or other linux systems with “Wine” software. Thanks to “Wine” develop teams’ great work, most windows softwares can run on linux system, including miniSipServer.

The Wine mode is “Linux sysem <–> Wine <–> Windows software”. Please refer to its official websire for more details.

After download and install “Wine” software, it is almost same for us to install and run miniSipServer which we have done on the Windows platform. What we need do is doublt-click the .exe file and install it! Very easy.

Let’s give a simple example on how to install wine and miniSipServer on Ubuntu system:

Step 1: install Wine

In the terminal window, please type the command: sudo apt-get install wine

Step 2: install miniSipServer

Download the latest miniSipServer install file to our Ubuntu system. Double-click the .exe file to install it.

Step 3: run miniSipServer

In the Wine menu, we can see miniSipServer shotcut icon. Just click the icon to run it.

Easy, right? why not try it now? 🙂