How to run miniSIPServer on Ubuntu?

How to run miniSIPServer on Ubuntu?

Updated: Now you can visit online document for more details.

If you are using Ubuntu (desktop), it is very easy to run MSS. Just download .deb file from our website and double click such .deb file to install it. Then you can find MSS icon in ‘internet’ or ‘network’ menu group and run it to start MSS.

If you are using Ubuntu (server), something is different. You need do more steps to install and run MSS. We describe details below.

First, you must download .deb file from our website, for example ‘mss_v13_u20.deb’. Then, you can run following command:

sudo dpkg -i mss_v13_u20.deb

At this step, Ubuntu will prompt error that some dependencies must be installed. Don’t warry, please continue following command:

sudo apt-get -f install

Then Ubuntu will try to get and install all necessary dependencies from Ubuntu software center.

In Ubuntu server, you cannot run MSS GUI since X windows is not started. You can run MSS CLI version whose file name is ‘msscli’ and can be found in directory ‘/opt/sipserver’.

So it is very easy to start MSS now:


To visit and manage MSS system, you need visit its web system whose TCP port is 8080 by default. Please refer to following document:
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