Reports in MSS

Reports in MSS

2020-12-29 updated: Since miniSIPServer has ‘event channel‘ function to provide users’ status and details of each call, customers can use these information to build their own reports, so we cancel these functions from V38.

Most SIP or PBX devices may have some reports to help administrator to check system’s status.

MSS has some reports too. Please click menu “Reports” to show them. MSS has two reports at this time:

(1) Basic call report

(2) Local user report

Both these reports are generated per hour. If there is not any value for each item, then the report will not be generated.

“Local user report” is simple. It only calculates how many local users are online per hour.

“Basic call report” is used to calculate how many calls MSS has been processed in one hour. There are some important items, such as “attempt”, “alert”, and “answer” and so on. It includes total durations and it can help administrator to understand how many calls have been answered and the avarage duration in one hour. If there are too many calls to make MSS heavy work-load, administrator can decide to upgrade MSS.

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