Refine “SIP over TLS”

Refine “SIP over TLS”

Some customers report a crash problem to us. All of them deploy “SIP over TLS” in their VoIP networks. We have upgraded miniSIPServer to latest V35 (build 20190313) with following key modifications.

(1) In the latest miniSIPServer, SSL library has been upgraded to the latest version.

(2) Only TLSv1.2 method is kept, that means SSLv2, SSLv3, TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 are cut. When we did research on customers’ problems, we found some bad guys were trying to use the bug of SSLv3 to hack into MSS. We have to move all these methods out to defend that. In future, we will add other methods, such as TLSv1.3. At this time, we need confirm SIP phones can support TLSv1.2 too if we want to deploy SIP over TLS.

In another way, we refine “SIP over TLS” document to provide a simple demo on how to create certificate files.

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