3 thoughts on “how to link fxo gateway?

  1. I just followed your steps to configure both miniSipServer and 3102. Here is my problem. If all of softphones are in LAN environment, softphone calls can be routed to PSTN to the destination with clear voice. All of softphone calls from external LAN be routed to PSTN won’t have any voice between caller and receiver.

    The SIP server and SPA3012 are installed at my home, Softphone to softphone works perfectly. Just any call be routed to PSTN from external IP work without the voice.

    Please help. Thanks

  2. According to your description, your SPA3102 are behind NAT and the SIP phones are in public network when the problem occurred, right?

    In this scenario, please configure STUN information in your SPA3102. Please refer to its manual document for this configuration.

    In your sip phone, if necessary, you can also configure STUN information. Here is our online document about STUN in Xlite, please take a look:


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