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Refined ringing group

Refined ringing group

In normal, we configure ringing group information in local users’ profile. And one user can only be assigned to one ringing group. It works in most scenarios.

As you know, it is hard time now. Some companies reduce their human resources to save cost, so someone has to take more works. For example, it is possible that someone could be assigned to several ringing groups at the same time. In fact, some customers have requested us to fit this requirement.

We understand that completely, so miniSIPServer is upgraded to have a new method to provide ringing group service.

Two independent tables are added. One is used to define ringing groups and their users. Please refer to below figure.

ringing group users

Another table is used to detect ringing groups according to called numbers in different calls. Please refer to below figure.

ringing group detection

Service document has been updated. Please click here to get more details about this new feature.

miniSIPServer V14

miniSIPServer V14

miniSIPServer is upgraded to V14.2 now. With latest versions, following key features are included:

(1) For raspberry Pi. As we know, raspberry Pi is a very small PC run on Debian system, MSS can work on this hardware now. It is very helpful for some small business who dont want to maintain a PC hardware and save many cost.

(2) Provide open API. MSS can start web server and provide open HTTP API . 3rd parties can use this interface to intergrate with their own system. At this time, open API set can support: query MSS version; configure or query details of local users.

(3) Routing group. It is a very helpful feature for customers who have lots of external lines or SIP trunks. They can manage these lines or trunks into different groups for different users or for different calls. The workload of group is in round-robin policy.

Hope you can enjoy our new versions! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We are always here for you.