Ringing group

1. Introduction

"Ringing group", which will be named as RG in this document, is a very useful service in business scenario. It has following key features:

  • When one call is comming, several local users are ringing at the same time.
  • When one picks up the incoming call, others will stop ringing.
  • Only when all users reject or don't answer the call, it will be released finally.

Following figure describes the basic elements in this service.

ringing group demo scenario

Holly, Gilson and Hongtian are in the same RG. When caller party makes an incoming call, they will be ringing at the same time. If Holly picks up the call, Gilson and Hongtian will stop ringing and be released. Then, caller party will talk to Holly.

miniSIPServer has two methods to configure and trigger ringing group service.

  • Configure ringing group in local user's profile.
  • Independent detection
2. Local user's profile

We can configure ringing group in local user's profile directly. In this scenario, each local user can be configured to one ringing group. That means the user cannot be assigned to another ringing group.

Click menu "Data / Local users / Supplementary services" to show and edit local user informations.

Ring-group configuration of local user

If "Ring group" is selected and ID is valid, then current user will be set in a ringing group. All user with the same ID belong to the same ringing group.

If "Ring group" is unselected, the ringing group ID will be cleared together, then this user will be removed from such group.

By the way, if users in the same group call each other directly, ringing group will not be triggered. For example, in above figure, if Holly calls Gilson directly, Hongtian will not be ringing.

3. Independent detection

In above user's profile, we can only configure one group ID. Sometimes we need assign one local user to more ringing groups, so we need Independent detection.

Please refer to menu "Services / Ringing group", we can get two key configurations:

  • Ringing user
  • Detection

3.1 Ringing user

Please click menu "Services / Ringing group / Ringing user" to get following configurations.

Ringing group user

Item Description
Ringing group ID The indicator of a ringing group. One group can have several local users.
Ringing user Users in the ringing group. One user can be assigned to several ringing group.

3.2 Detection

Once ringing group is configured, we need indicate miniSIPServer to understand how to detect such group. miniSIPServer will check called number of incoming calls to detect whether or which ringing group should be triggered.

Please click menu "Services / Ringing group / Detection" to get following configurations.

Ringing group detection

Item Description
Dial plan Dial plan. 'default' means for all calls.
Called number If incoming calls have this called number, a ringing group will to be detected.
Ringing group ID The group ID of ringing group. miniSIPServer will try to call all ringing users with the same group ID which is configured in above "Ringing user".