Configuration data

Configuration data

Before V38, miniSIPServer stores its configuration data in the install directory. In some scenarios, it could be a problem. For example, if miniSIPServer is installed in disk C on Windows system, it is possible that Windows will reject miniSIPServer to write data into disk C unless the user has the right to do that.

In Linux system, it could have the same problem. By default, miniSIPServer is installed in ‘/opt/sipserver’ directory. If root user started miniSIPServer and created local configuration files in such directory, other users could have no right to read and write the files and fail to start miniSIPServer.

So V38 will store configuration data in user’s own directory. In windows, it is the user’s application data directory. In Linux, it is the user’s HOME directory.

Please refer to online document for more details about this modification.

In another way, when miniSIPServer starts up, it will prompt where its data is stored no matter it is on Windows or Linux.

miniSIPServer on Windows
miniSIPServer on Linux

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