miniSIPServer on Debian 9

miniSIPServer on Debian 9

It is a good news to see that the latest Debian 9 is released. We have downloaded and tested it in our lab.

Debian 9 is very interesting. Since it is a stable version, it is important for us to run miniSIPServer on this system. We have to find that so many libraries and softwares have been changed or upgraded. Previous MSS versions cannot work on it by default.

We did lots of work to fix these conflict and upgrade MSS to V31 (build 20170621). And we are exciting to announce that the latest versions can still work on previous Debian systems, such as Debian 7 and Debian 8. Everything is perfect now!

If you want to try Debian 9, please upgrade MSS to the latest V31. And please refresh the document for more details about libraries.

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