Media gateway and V30

Media gateway and V30

V30 is released. The key feature of this version is “media gateway”.

In fact, previous version has media gateway functions too, but these functions were combined in the same core with call-control and service-control tasks. For small size or middle size business, it is no problem to do that. But for huge size business, for example, our cloud-mss system, it could effect performance if media gateway is combined with other tasks.

We decided to separate media gateway module into an independent application. In cloud system, media gateway can be run in separated device. Several call servers can share the same media gateway server.

Since local MSS and cloud MSS have the same core, we merge this function back to V30. The difference is that the media gateway is an independent inner task in local MSS application.

This feature doesn’t require any modification in configuration or GUI. By default, you should not notice this change. We believe new core can be more stabler and more flexible.  Hope you can enjoy it!

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