V28 and Lua services

V28 and Lua services

V28 is released today! We have spent several months on this version. The key feature of this version is “Lua service engine”.

As you know, previous MSS has a service engine which is written in Python language. It serves very well, but still has some limitations. Now the engine is rewritten in Lua language.  Following items are some key points about why we make this decision.

(1) Lua is much simpler than Python. Python is full stack language,Lua is a embed script, it has less function but it is simple. We love Python but still find that Lua is suitable for MSS to provide service engine. We don’t need full functions, we only need the engine to packing MSS core functions and capabilities.

(2) The most important is stability. Python service engine uses one Python VM to serve all services. That means one unknown exception could block all services. With new Lua service engine, one Lua VM serves one service. That means one unknown exception can only block one service, other services can keep on working. That’s amazing, the whole system can step into higher level now!

(3) Faster! faster! faster! In fact, because of GIL, Python cannot provide high performance, so we have to limit the engine in service level. Lua doesn’t have such limitation, each Lua VM is tiny and independent, Now we can use it to be a service engine and will even use it to provide a basic call engine. The future is coming.

In V28, Python services are replaced with Lua services. You can find these Lua services in “lua/services” sub-directory. If you have modified Python services by yourself, you will have to update related Lua services.

Lua service engine is in background, you don’t need change any configuration by default.

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