miniSIPServer V20 released!

miniSIPServer V20 released!

Yesterday we released the latest miniSIPServer, V20! This version is focus on following items:

(1) Call park service refined.

In previous version, MSS can accept “unattended transfer” call to park the user’s previous┬ácall. This method works in most scenarios, but some SIP devices cannot do that because they don’t have “transfer” button to invoke “unattended transfer” call. For some customers, they are confused on how to invoke such call.

So we decide to refine this service. V20 can accept a new call to park previous call. That means customers can invoke a new call directly to “*70*1” to park their previous calls. That could be easy to understand and do such operation.

(2) openAPI refined.

In V20, we unified openAPI interfaces and inner web management systems. That means they are using the same inner interfaces now. In the openAPI document, we just list several interfaces, in fact openAPI has almost all interfaces now and can work as same as web management system. Customers can design their own web system based on openAPI interfaces.

Of course, we will keep refining openAPI document to make it clear to customers.


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