new LTS V16 and new stable V17

new LTS V16 and new stable V17

V16 has been released for several days and response messages from our customers are very exciting, so we decide to upgrade LTS version to V16 since it can support very important feature: IPv6.

At the same time, the latest stable version is upgraded to V17. In this version, something is changed:

Event channel is provided

“Event channel” is based on websocket, and customers’ applications can establish websocket connection to get MSS inner call status. Please refer to online document:

MSS trunk

“MSS trunk” is our private protocol to bypass some ISP blocking. It helps some customers to deploy VoIP network at their sides. At this time, since MSS can support SIP over TLS, we think this feature could be replaced by it, so we decide to remove this feature from V17 and abover versions.

We hope new versions can fit your requirements and benefit your VOIP network. Please enjoy them and update us if you have any suggestion or question.

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