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SIP over TCP

SIP over TCP

As we know, most SIP devices use SIP over UDP by default,  however, some SIP servers or communication servers only support SIP over TCP. We have to say that’s really strange. Our customers need work with such devices and we upgrade MSS to V10.5 to support SIP over TCP to fit this requirement.

It is very easy to configure MSS to support this feature. If you are interesting in it, please refer to following document for more details about it:

Offline instant messages

Offline instant messages

Today we upgrade cloud-MSS to new version to support offline-IM feature.

In a unified communication environment, it is very common for users to send or receive offline instant messages, specially some customers use cloud-MSS as their internal communication tool.

With this new version, cloud-MSS can support IM as following:

(1) If called party is online, Cloud-MSS will send IM to it immediately.

(2) If called party is offline, Cloud-MSS will save its offline IM. Clou-MSS can store no more than total 10 offline-IM for each local user. Each IM should be less than 200 characters.

(3) If called party is back to online again, Cloud-MSS will send its offline-IM to it automatically.

You don’t need configure anything for this feature, it is so easy to setup a UC system for your business now. Why not take a try? 🙂