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How to change TCP port?

How to change TCP port?

2013-09-23 updated: with latest V14.2, we can configure ‘TCP port’ in MSS. Please refer to following document:


By default, MSS starts 5060 TCP port to receive or send SIP over TCP messages. 5060 is default TCP port defined by SIP standard. In MSS GUI or web UI, we can only change SIP UDP port.

If we want to change its TCP port, for example, we want to change it to 1234, we need do as following:

(1) In the MSS install directory, please create a text file whose name is ‘mss_var_param.ini’ file.

(2) In this INI file, please add following content:


(3) Please restart MSS to enable it.

SIP over TCP

SIP over TCP

As we know, most SIP devices use SIP over UDP by default,  however, some SIP servers or communication servers only support SIP over TCP. We have to say that’s really strange. Our customers need work with such devices and we upgrade MSS to V10.5 to support SIP over TCP to fit this requirement.

It is very easy to configure MSS to support this feature. If you are interesting in it, please refer to following document for more details about it: