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Store your own audio files

Store your own audio files

miniSIPServer can support customers’ own audio files to replace default files. With previous MSS, customers have to backup and restore these files once they want to upgrade MSS.

This is a little trouble. With the new V32, we can resolve it now.

When MSS starts up, it will create a sub directory ‘cust_ann’ in ‘mss_ann’ directory, now all your own audio files can be stored in this directory. When MSS is uninstalled or upgraded, this directory and its files will not be deleted or replaced by default files, and MSS can get audio files from this directory directly when it starts up.

In windows system, it could be “d:/myvoipapp/minisipserver/mss_ann/cust_ann” directory by default. In Linux system, it could be “/opt/sipserver/mss_ann/cust_ann/”.

Please refer to our online document for more details about how to record own audio files.