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We are R&D team of MyVoipApp company. Most of our work are focus on developing some communication softwares, such as miniSipServer, a SIP Server for windows. We need some tools to continue our R&D work, most tools are very good, but some of them are not good enough for us and we try to find or buy some software tools to replace them.

If we cannot find a good tool to fit our requirement, we will have to design one ourselves. MSDTs (MyVoipApp software development tools) are tools we develop for ourselves and we use them in our daily work. These tools maybe do not have wonderful UI, but they are very easy to use and good enough for our work.

We enjoy these tools and hope you can also like them. These tools are all FREE for personal use!


MSDTs include following tools

  • RFC reader
  • MSC lite

RFC reader is a tool you can use to open and read RFC documents. There are several tools can do the same thing but all of them have the same shortages. For example, they cannot record and save the position where I am reading, I cannot highlight the sections I like, and so on. RFC reader can provide these functions and most features of other RFC document tools.

MSC lite is a cross-platforms call-flow tool designed for communication engineers. You can use it to draw message sequence charts. As we know, there are so many UML tools which can draw beautiful MSC charts, why do we still jump into this ocean? It is because those tools are not designed specially for communication software development. They are common UML tools and maybe they have too many "UML" elements which often confuse us. We think "UML" maybe too heavy for our dialy design work, we need a tiny tool to benefit our work. It should not have so many concepts to block our thinking. For some special reasons, we want the tool can run on Windows and Ubuntu systems. "MSC lite" is the exactly one we need.



Please click following link to dowload the latest versions: