Run miniSIPServer on Raspberry Pi

1. Description

Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer whose CPU is ARM. It is very suitable for micro-server deployment scenarios. miniSIPServer V14 (or higher) can support this kind of device.

In this document, we will not discuss how to install and configure Raspberry Pi itself. Please make sure the Pi is working in the right way and we will focus on how to install and run miniSIPServer on Raspberry Pi.

2. Hardware & OS

There are several Pi hardwares, it is required to be "Raspberry Pi 3 Model B" or higher versions.

The OS MUST be "Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit, bullseye)" or higher versions.

3. Install & run

Since Raspberry Pi OS is based on Debian (arm64) system, please refer to following figure to download versions for Debian (arm64) from our website.

download versions for Pi

The others are same as normal Debian system. Please refer to 'Run miniSIPServer on Linux' for more details.