Long duration control

MYVOIPAPP Support Team



1. Description

In some scenarios or deployment, we need to control the duraion of some call process. If the call process reachs the max duration, we hope the server can release the call automatically.

In MSS, we name it as "long duration control" service. MSS can support sevral kinds of control methords:

2. Configuration

It is very easy to configure "long duration control" in MSS.

2.1 Local user configuration

In the local user configuration dialog, please click "supplementary services" tab and select "limit max duration of outgoing call" which is followed with a duration value.

local user configuration

2.2 External line configuration

In the external line configuration dialog, please click "outgoing call" tab, then please select "limit max duration" and fill the duration value.

external line configuration

2.3 Dial plan configuration

In dial plan configuration, we can also limit "max duration" for specific destinations,for example, we can limit the duration of the call routed to the destination whose prefix is "1", such as 100, 101,102,etc.

Please click menu "dial plan -> called number analysis". In the dialog, please select "limit max duration" and fill the duration value.

dial plan configuration