Presence and Instant messaging

1. Description

According to WiKiPedia, we can get following informations about these services:

  • "Presence" service means that a user or a client can publish a presence state to indicate its current cummunication status. For example, it can publish that it is idle or busy now. This published state informs others that wish to contact the user of his availability and willingness to communicate.The most common use of presence today is to display an indicator icon on instant messaging clients, typically from a choice of graphic symbol with an easy-to-convey meaning, and a list of corresponding text descriptions of each of the states.
  • "Instant message (IM)" is a collection of technologies that create the possibility of real-time text-based communication between two or more participants over the internet or some form of internal network/intranet. IM allows effective and efficient communication, featuring immediate receipt of acknowledgment or reply.

To support these exciting features in VOIP network, we need both server or IPPBX and the clients have the capabilities to do that.

In the server side, we can use miniSipServer (MSS) V2.8 or above version. It can be downloaded from MYVOIPAPP.

In the client side, we can use Xlite V3.x or above version. It can be downloaded from CounterPath.

Now, we begin to establish our advance VOIP system. You will see it is so easy to deploy these features in our network.

2. Configuration

We need establish the basic VOIP network firstly. Please refer to our document "Setup IPPBX for small business step by step".

According to the step by step document, we can estblish the basic VOIP network. For MSS, there are no more configurations to support "Presence" and "Instant Message". That means you will do nothing in MSS. So easy!

We need configure Xlite to support these features. If you have others clients, they should follow almost the same configurations.

2.1 Presence configuration in Xlite

In the Xlite SIP account configuration window, please click "Presence" tab and select "Peer-To-Peer" mode.

xlite presence

We begin to add contact inforamtions. Please click the black button toward the extreme right edge of the Xlite. In the open window, we can click the "Contacts" tab and click Contacts menu to add our contact information.

xlite main window xlite contact tab

In the pop-up contact dialog window, we must select "Show this contact's Availability" and contact type should be "softphone".

xlite contact window

After that, if the contact user is online or register to MSS, its status will be notified to current user. By the way, if the contact user is xlite too, it will prompt whether accept the request. Just accept it.

2.2 Instant message in Xlite

In the contact window, right-click the contact user and select "Instant Message" to show the message window. Then we can send and receive instant message now.

xlite instant message window
3. Offline IM

Sometimes, called party is offline and someone still want to send offline-IM to it, once the user is online again, he/she will get its offline-IM immediately. MSS can support offline-IM. In fact, if MSS is configured to work with MySQL database, MSS will store offline-IM to database automatically and send them to the user once he/she is online.

Please refer to manual document for more details of connecting MySQL database.