Event channel

1. Description

miniSIPServer event channel is a message channel built on web socket. MSS sends inner call status to outsides applications through this interface.

Event channel between MSS and applications

As illustrated in above figure, we can get following key points about MSS event channel:

  • Event channel is over websocket, so applications must establish websocket to MSS firstly.
  • Event messages are JSON format text.

At this time, MSS will check IP address of applications for authorization. If the IP address isn't configured in MSS, MSS will reject websocket connection from such IP address.

2. Configuration
2.1 System

By default, MSS opens TCP port 5080 to accept websocket connection. Of course, you can change it according to your own requirement. Please click menu "Data / System / Basic" and update "event channel port" illustrated in below figure.

websocket port configuration
2.2 IP address authorization

If application wants to connect to MSS event channel, we must add its address into MSS for authorization. Please click menu "Maintain / Event channel authorization" to add IP addresses to be trusted.

Add IP address for authorization