Trace calls

1. Description

miniSIPServer provides tools to trace specific calls if you have some problems when making or receiving SIP calls. There are two kinds of tools.

  • Trace calls according to numbers.
  • Trace calls according to IP address.
2. Trace numbers

We can trace specific calls according to their caller numbers or called numbers. In miniSIPServer main window, please click menu "maintain - trace caller/called number".

Trace number

It depends on what scenarios the calls are. If a SIP phone cannot register itself to miniSIPServer, it is better to trace its messages accroding to "caller number". If calls to a target number are often fail, it is better to trace them according to the called number.

The traced number, no matter caller number or called number, can be a number prefix. For an example, if you set the traced caller number to be a prefix "1", calls from sip phones "100","101" and so on, will be traced at the same time. If the number is set to be "100", then only "100" calls can be traced, "101" and others will not be traced.

3. Trace IP address

Sometimes we cannot know exact numbers in some scenarios. It often happens when miniSIPServer is working with a SIP server or VoIP gateway. Then we can try to trace its calls according to its IP address.

In miniSIPServer main window, please click menu "maintain - trace IP address".

Trace address

The target IP address can be a complete IPv4 address or IPv6 address.

In another way, it can also be the prefix of a IP address. For example, if the target IP address is set to "192.168.3", SIP messages, from address "", "" and so on, will all be traced together.

4. Result

miniSIPServer will display the result in the main window. In another way, all traced result will be saved in 'log' subdirectory which can be found in AppData directory.