Busy lamp field

1. Description

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) is a light on IP phone which shows you other local users' status, for example busy or idle.

MSS can support this feature. Moreover, BLF in MSS can be grouped. That means local user can only care other local users who are in the same group.

2. Configuration

It is quite easy to configure BLF in MSS. Please click menu 'data / local user', and click 'Advance services' tab in local user's configuration dialog:

Configure BLF for local user

Item Description
Subscribe all users' presence or dialog information BLF service right.
Only enable this item, current local user can get other local users' status.
Presence information group BLF group. It can be blank.
If BLF user is configured with this item, that means it only cares presence information sent by local users in the same group.