How to change SIP port?

The default SIP port is 5060 (UDP) which is defined in SIP standard. But in some special scenarios, we need change this port to another, for example 5090.

To do that, we need modify MSS and SIP phones configurations together.

In miniSIPServer, please click menu "data -> system -> SIP" and change the port. Please refer to following figure.

SIP ports configurations

If these ports are changed, you need restart miniSIPServer to enable new values.

SIP phones or gateways need change their configuration together. For example, in miniSiPPhone, we need indicate it to work with the new port. In SIP account configuration, please set "port" to "5090":

miniSiPPhone configurations

Some SIP devices, such as Xlite, don't have 'port' configuration, then we need configure server port with server address together. For exmaple, the server address might be ''.